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Our Staff

I hope to represent our church as the friendly place that it is. My role in that is to make sure everyone who walks through our doors feels welcome and understood. My goal is to bring a little light to others that will hopefully lead into a good first impression or positive outlook on church - making a baby step towards deepening faith with the Lord. I want to spread the word about the values and missions of our church along with introducing the community to the caring congregation here at Pathway.

Team Trivia 

True or False:

I have a green thumb.

My main goal would be to get kids excited about coming to church and learning about Jesus.  I hope to have a fun environment made for them so kids can come have fun, feel safe and be ready to learn. 

Team Trivia 

I love to give people...

a) wet wipes; b) cookies; c) gifts

Loree Barnhart 


Kim O'Haver

Financial Secretary

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