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This is one of the most important times in your life, and we are pleased that you are considering Pathway for your ceremony.  A church wedding is a service of worship celebrating the most sacred human covenant between two people and God.  During your wedding, we will celebrate your union and pray God’s blessing over your marriage and home.

Practical Considerations

As a couple, you should contact the pastor 3-4 months in advance. Premarital counseling is required. The pastor wants to know you and help you prepare for this important day in your lives. All discussions between you and the pastor will be kept confidential.


Sanctuary/Courtyard usage fee    $500  (Pathway Church members receive a 50% discount)

Pastor Officiant Services                 $400

Audio Tech                                          $100

Coordinator                                         $150

Pianist                                                  $200  (if needed)

Computer Operator                          $100  (if needed)

Custodial Services                             $100

Premarital Counseling                       $35

Brass Candelabras                               $50 (add on)

Unity Candle                                         $25 (add on)

Member Total...............$1135-$1235

Non-Member Total.....$1385-$1485

Please see our wedding brochure pdf for full details. 

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